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Greece is a country that, apart from a glorious past, has a developmental future, as it is a country with a unique identity. A country that can equally compete and differentiate in the European market if it takes advantage of its comparative benefits. My vision aims at a strong, competitive and safe Greece that can change its image abroad and at inland, improve the living conditions of its citizens at all levels. A country that every citizen of the world would like to live, work, invest and, of course, create a family.

In the times we are in, no country has the strength or resources to cope with everyday challenges alone. We need Europe and Europe needs Greece. Both as a reminder of her starting point and to enrich her with her own intangible and material goods. At the same time, we need the European Union strong, united, coherent and with equal opportunities for all. Together we need to strengthen the structures of the Republic against populism, nationalism and fascism, with a common goal of building a Europe of the future within a safe, fertile and creative environment for each member country, for every citizen.

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