Zero hour is approaching: The Israeli-Syrian, Lebanese, and Iranian wars

Zero hour is approaching: The Israeli-Syrian, Lebanese, and Iranian wars

In February 2010, I published an article on Lieberman’s threats in Syria. The point I made was that the Lieberman threats are motivated by fear. Now, three years later, the threats of the West against Syria escalate, and in the same time, threats to Israel with the possibility of a military conflict with Syria and Iran. The next hour of the Israeli attack is now expected in Iran. The threats are staggered with the two fronts on the one hand being Israel and on the other Syria, Iran and Lebanon.

It should be noted that US Secretary of State John Kerry recently met with Arab officials and mentioned to them that Israel’s direct attack on Iran is a matter of time, zero time is coming, and Arab countries will have to take the necessary measures.

Details of the upcoming war and war scenarios between Syria and NATO.

Preparations between ten countries for the New War and the attack on Syria.

Sheikh Bhadar and Washington submitted a posting of Bashar and Iran instead of Syria to Russia.

Lavrov: “We will not intervene militarily. War preparations have been in progress for two weeks.

The war is at the gates, as the signs of meetings, movements, statements and decisions show us. Turkey has also begun to mobilize a second army that moves to the border with Syria, in the Latakia area to Aleppo, where aircraft and full equipment are gathered.

In Jordan, the authorities have been instructed to prohibit Syrian refugees from circulating outside their camps after seven in the evening and to block their day-to-day movements or to be allowed after a specific request for a particular job. At a meeting in Amman, 10 country chiefs announced they are ready to attack Syria even without the Security’s Council decision.

And this brings to mind the “Eager Lion” operation that took place in Jordan. At the end of the operation, Jordan requested to hold F-16 fighters and Patriot missiles on its territory, and the US agreed to the request, a “cooked” request between Washington and Jordan.

Turkey denounced Syria’s attack on NATO and asked the US to keep Patriot missiles with Washington to agree to the request.

Iraq, announced that refused to use the airspace for any military operation in the region to deal with all warships, including  Syria, but most importantly, the airplanes coming from ten countries attacking the air space in Iraq. If Iraq has taken a decision to actually prevent the use of airspace, the way the aforementioned resolution applies. The US maintains six air bases where 180 aircraft F-16 and F-15 AWACS aircraft with the Iraqi government have requested their retention on a closed air base.

In Lebanon, Hezbollah saw the battle and began to take action and prepare for the forthcoming war, which will have a wide range of borders, from Hermel to Palestine, while on the other side in the inner country are still groups with trapped cars as well as Takfirist’s  groups.

As for the Lebanese army, its capabilities are limited, but it can defend certain areas. But surely if it receives airborne bombing, it will cause turbulence.

Jordan together with foreign forces mobilized 75,000 troops. Heads as well as General Staff of ten countries meet to discuss the plan to be taken against Syria.

Syria says,  President Assad is ready to defend himself and the war will ruin the entire Middle East.

On the one hand, Syria is based on Scud and LS 20 missiles, and Frog rockets, while the United States has placed in Jordan and Turkey Patriot missiles to hit Scud, Frog and SPA 20 Syria.

Bandar and Putin

When the General Secretary of Saudi Arabia’s National Security Council Bandar bin Sultan visited Moscow, he asked not to intervene militarily in Syria because the regime has been ruled out.

Moscow completely rejected it and believed that NATO would apply similar procedures to those conducted in Libya, and that Moscow would not give up its allies in Syria.

Prince Bandar rebuked that following the overthrow of the regime, the Syrian people will decide for the future of the country’s governance and the direction it will take either for Russia or the United States.


Russia speaking strategically said that 150 kilometers of the Mediterranean is the last point for its full access to Europe, France, Spain and Italy, control of America in the region, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Turkey, Israel and Egypt.

But Lebanon is not an important reason for the internal situation because of its army’s weakness and the absence of a central authority that decides alliances, only Syria having a strategic alliance with Russia.

Prince Bandar said Saudi Arabia’s goal is the overthrow of President Bashar al-Assad, and the Syrian people should later decide what they want. Putin has said Russia will not leave Syria unless the Russian security will strengthen its Russian presence in Syria, and that the new regime will sign Russia’s Strategic Partnership Treaty with Syria in exchange for recognition status change instead of Basar Al-Assad if approved by NATO countries. The requirements for strengthening the Russian presence in Syria are the creation of an air base in Syria in addition to the naval base in Tartus.

The sixth US Fleet consists of 52 warships and one aircraft carrier sailing to the Syrian coast and Turkey where the second army is mobilized on the border with Syria. Jordan has mobilized 75,000 soldiers  on the border with Syria.

France and the United Kingdom have announced they will use their power and are able to start from airbases in France, Britain supplying on air to strike Syria and return to France and Britain, beyond Britain’s bases in Cape of Cyprus, paves the way for French, German and British Air Forces, as well as al-Qaida, to launch a war against Syria.

What is the state of the Syrian and Hezbollah soldiers?

Hezbollah has about seventy thousand troops deployed in Lebanon. Israel has begun aerial tracking for accurate information on the Syrian missile transmission in Hezbollah.

After all this, seventy thousand Hezbollah fighters are able to defend Lebanon in case of aerial bombardment of civilians, with its military centers unknown. If Israel does not attack, Hezbollah will focus on Syria’s defense.

As for Israel, Yediot Aharonot commented on the newspaper, that canceling the Syrian-Iran agreement, Hezbollah will become an easy prey for Israel; therefore there is no need for Israel’s war with Hezbollah in the present time, but the proliferation of Hezbollah on Lebanese territory with missiles and the development of capabilities to be able to avoid any military action against Lebanon.

US warships will use Cruz missiles against Syria. However, this method cannot be used against Hezbollah because its barracks are not known. There are Shiite areas that move through underground tunnels and control the rockets. Hezbollah is not organized into communities with more than twenty-four fighters dispersed across Lebanon and armed with Corner missiles attacking units.

Ten-state veterans will destroy the centers of the Syrian army and hit the Syrian army air and naval bases. In addition, NATO-directed missile aircraft will be used to hit armored vehicles and passenger transport vehicles.

The Syrian army began yesterday the guerrilla war and the division of the ranks as well as the creation of small groups like Hezbollah, spreading them to towns and villages, mainly where the military bases and arsenals located.

Turkey’s army is the second largest after Syria’s, and can have access from Latakia beach and seize part of the coast, as is Aleppo for more efficient and quick access.

For battle in Jordan, things are more difficult as it is next to the cities of Syria, where the tension and small military units will be scattered across the country.

The Turkish border is dominated by Takfirists and Fundamentalists, who are developing, and will help Turkey in its struggle against the Syrian army and small groups.

Syria will use its powerful strategic weapon, bought by President al-Assad, Andropov.

At this point we have to refer to the air-to-ground missile forces. Syria against aircraft raids is able to deactivate radars that direct missiles. NATO will not be able to overturn the Syrian Army’s anti-aircraft systems. During the raids in Iraq, while Saddam had missiles of the same class, and although NATO made more than a hundred thousand raids, no NATO aircraft were shaken.

The main strategic weapons are the Scud and Frog missiles, and in particular the S20. Syria will inevitably use Scud missiles to attack Amman, which is in close proximity. But we do not know whether Patriot has effective technology against the above missiles.

There will be great losses in Jordan from such a Syrian attack as it will be a major blow to the NATO forces on the Jordanian border.

As for Turkey, Syria could use S20 missiles but in this case Patriot is more powerful when it comes to an attack on Istanbul, although things make it hard for Ankara and the surrounding areas where it is not easy to watch the Syrian missiles.

In the sea, Syria has Russian Hejnt missiles that are modern and capable of striking US warships or causing great damage.

In the war with Syria, between grenades and missiles, the latter have greater power, as they have the ability to strike the surrounding areas causing great damage. NATO’s plan, in agreement with Russia, is to divide Syria into four parts where Russian officials will take control after the regime is overthrown. Russian analysts say Asef Shawkat is Russia’s guarantee in Syria but killed in a bomb attack and it is now unknown who will take over the army leadership knowing that the commander of the Syrian army is not of Russian confidence and NATO’s plan it is doubtful whether it will take place.

It is not easy to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad. He will fight in Damascus with a city of five million people. In addition to military forces and the fight against President al-Assad in the capital, airborne bombings will be made to cover the possibility of finding refuge in another area, as in the case of Saddam Hussein.

The US and NATO armies will not enter Damascus, as Assad is able to face them in Damascus with the Presidential Guard, the Fourth Division and special units, as well as Alevits volunteer units and groups of Takfirists and Fundamentalists. However, on the other hand, desert areas in Syria are not of strategic importance.

In any case, the public will enter into a very difficult situation of a merciless war more than they think in Washington, Saudi Arabia, and Europe. Syria is not Libya, where Gaddafi surrendered and handed over his army and weapons.

Syria has plan to exterminate 50 US warships. There are young pilots said President Bashar al-Assad who willingly participated in suicide operations starting with the MiG-21, most of whom are young men aged 22 and 23 years old.

If it is a business in Bar Elias, migration from Syria to Lebanon is inevitable. The fact that the Lebanese-Syrian border is openly detained has a strategic dimension.

In Lebanon, there is a conflict between the Syrian Socialist Party and the Communist Party and the Baath Party, which allied with Syria with volunteers carrying weapons to defend Lebanon. Hezbollah, on the other hand, hopes to land US troops on Lebanon’s coasts because it will fall into the net as the Israeli army has fallen on the Marjayoun border.

As for the Arab world, it will not move in the first place. Only by protesting against the US in the capitals of the Arab countries they will put pressure on governments.

There is an element that they will not remember, and I really do not know what will happen if Iran announces that Syria is a red line and all possibilities are open, so that the Iranian army will participate, made up of four million Revolutionary Guards, a regular army of three million. Nothing prevents Iran if Turkey enters into Syria. Nothing prevents hundreds of thousands of Iranian missiles belonging to Iran, who can bomb Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, Bahrain and the US base in Qatar, despite the fact that the United States will strike Iran with NATO strongly. Iran itself is a large region of convergence in the continent. It has more than one aircraft and thousands of bombs. The West is not prepared to start a war against Iran.

We heard on the news that Jeffrey Feltman, the United Nations General Secretary’s assistant, from the United States will visit Tehran to persuade not to interfere. If Iran is involved in the war, bombing in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates will suffice, so that all oil sources, which account the 63% of the world’s oil production in the Gulf, will stop the production and arrival of ships. It will cut oil from Europe and America, despite the presence of strategic stocks in those countries that are enough for six months. The oil price will rise to $ 400 or more and hit the economy of the United States and Europe.

Much depends on the extent of Syria’s stability, so top ten analysts will be transported to Jordan for a thorough study of the situation.

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