Society – Family

Society – Family

If you put together all existing families you will come up with what we call society. It is very easy. So the higher the level of education within a family, the higher the level in the whole society.

One can see the quality of a family life in the mirror of society.

Family is the basic cell of an organized community. The institution of a family has been established even from the first steps of human existence, and until today it is of vital importance for the society as well as each person separately.

The purpose of having a family is to multiply. But it does not end there. After one forms a family, especially after children are born, there are plenty of unique moments and experiences that one could never feel outside the scope of the family life.

Within the family, the couple can see in each other the committed partner, the supporter in any difficulty, the one that will assist, advice, and provide sincere help in any case. In the face of their kids, parents see the source of happiness, their hope and the purpose of their life. On the other hand kids, see in their parents the guards of their safety, the guarantee of their rights, their source of inspiration, education and development, their leads in their way in life that is full of traps.

The important role of the family originates from the very past. During the centuries parents are devoted to raise their children. The result of this longstanding experience is that some kinds of rules have been developed. These rules are based more in the habit, rather than the science. They are passing from one generation to the other orally without examination, although the conditions of life have changed during this period. Nowadays the terms of life, raising, health, clothing, education, entertainment and behavior have been completely transformed. They are more complex so the role of the family needs to catch up these changes too.

In a society that is continuously changing, the family struggles to adapt in such a way to catch up with the new conditions. It is a fact that traditional forms of family are diminishing. What is more multi-member families also become scarcer and singles as well as divorce rates are multiplying. The scope also changes since after the divorce new families or single parent families are created.

Scientists started talking about demystification of traditional family model and its replacement of other types of families.

During the last years, the crisis has created insecurity among the youth hesitate to make their own family and have children. Even young couples do not wish to have children because of the crisis. We have reached the point of an IMF Greece becoming a childless country.

In order for a society to be healthy education, continuous information and social solidarity are fundamental.

It needs to be underlined that, the last years, with the crisis, this tendency is getting slightly vanished since numbers show that there are 1,522 children per woman during 2009, 1,504 for the year 2010 and even lower number in 2011.

Insecurity about future is all over the country a fact that acts as a constraint for the plans of creating a family since having children adds more costs to the family budget. Apart from that, couples are skeptical because they do not want to raise children in such a difficult environment and conditions.

A society, in order to be healthy, should provide:

  • Good education for children.
  • Constant briefing to parents.
  • Social solidarity.
  • Reinforcement of single parent and multi-child families.
  • Develop modern guidelines for adoption and foster care for underaged children.
  • Protection and social care for the elderly.


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