Joyful characterization of a gypsy as extreme right !!

 The meaning of interculturalism is to be a patriot carrying another religion, culture or color and being at the forefront of protecting the country you belong, by paying taxes and offering work to society …

For my friends (the lefts) of SYRIZA, interculturalism is first identifying with their ideology and then declaring an immigrant – even if you carry the Greek identity in your wallet – to make you a nationalist of the country you come from, even though you do not have a contact

Sambiha Suleiman: We are a “minority within the minority”

“Muslims of Turkish origin are trying  to impose us in addition to their language their identity too.”

At the 5th UN Conference on Minorities in Geneva (27 & 28 November 2012), the sensational testimony of a Muslim Roma from Thrace was heard.

It was Sabiha Suleiman, president of the women’s club Droserou Xanthis “H ELPIDA”.

Here is her speech:

For supposedly leftist university professors who “fight us for insisting on self-definition as gypsies”, for “activists of the Turkish consulate who pressurize us with nails and teeth to confess Turkish origin” and for “the ridiculousness of characterizing a gypsy as an extreme right” Sabiha Suleiman, in her statement in the electronic version of newspaper “TO VIMA”.

“I am not answering about the extreme right and networks. Those who do not know me say it. It hurts me because I have never had a relationship with this political area, but I will not answer. My fellow citizens see the ridiculousness of characterizing a gypsy as an extreme right, ” she notes.

“We understand that with our action we built our own civil society, we helped Droserites to understand that they have rights and obligations. In our struggle, we have been confronted not only with the rabid portion of the local press, but also with those of the Turkish consulate who, pressurize us to confess Turkish origin, for fear of losing the minority, its cohesiveness and coherence” continues.

“Unfortunately, with their statements, supposedly leftist university professors are arguing that we insist on defining themselves as gypsies. They have not, of course, visited Drosero. They are abominate  to have a coffee at our club’s offices. They prefer Kolonaki’s security. They treat us as consumable units in the impression games they want to play. Where were all these one year ago, when local authorities with uncover racist anger closed the only center of education and creative employment in the settlement that gave daily a meal of food, warm hugs and care for Droseros Gypsies? At that time we had the opportunity to count those who really care about us, who do not hesitate to stand up against the mechanisms that dampen the place, “says Mrs. Suleiman.

“It bothers me that their ideas go for left. I hope, however, that, after the awkward but really moving effort of SYRIZA, the voice of the gypsies of Thrace, we, that we are the minority of the minority, the humble of us, understand that we exist “, underlines.

Sabiha Süleyman asks “for the Left to understand the dynamic that comes from the ordinary people of our village and intends to heal profound wounds that, decades of immoral politics and dealings with the consulate, keep us at the absolute margin of society hostage of the well-known services of Turkey. ”

She also wishes “some” leftists “who have stood up against us over the last few days in the media to try to contain their irreverent racism and the dislike of uneducated gypsies who dare to make a politics to improve the lives of their children and the conditions of their fellow-citizens’ existence”.

“Let’s ask who they serve with the false and slanderous in some cases claims against me when I received the same attack from extreme groups on the Internet,” she points out.

“Their celebrations for the end of my candidacy may provoke temporary sadness for the country’s Roma but they do not disappoint us. They have defeated a gypsy woman struggling for Roma rights, but they will not stop our struggle. They preferred not to disturb their relations with the Turkish consulate, which is most important of us, the insignificant Gypsies of Thrace, ” she notes.

“The attack and the slander that I accepted on my suggestion as a candidate of SYRIZA, does not surprised me. Since Drosero’s gypsy women decided to fight for the education and improvement of the lives of our children, eight years ago, we have accepted the most outrageous attacks from many aspects of the press, both Turkish and Greek, as well as from the local authorities of the city and the county, “says Mrs. Suleiman.

“We do not regret that, thanks to the educational work we offered, the number of Roma pupils are  tripled and the school drain among our pupils has drastically decreased. We helped create a second elementary school as well as a secondary school. We do not regret that, for the first time in the history of our settlement, our children are attending High School and Lyceum,” she continues.

“The attacks, which, because of my candidacy, have been revived, are always due to the same reasons: we are residents of the most deprived place of our country. We have no right to be citizens. In their sincere confessions, many local rulers speak of bulldozers who should uproot us from our village. Half the inhabitants of our village, who located in Xanthi before the annexation of Thrace in Greece, work as workers in asparagus, sell flowers and balloons all over the country, die from hardships before their 55s, ” she notes.

Unfortunately, despite our efforts, we did not succeed in including the settlement in the city plan. All our homes and rustic shops are illegal. We are so embarrassed by the extortion of self-governing factors and politicians who always remember us before the elections,” she points out.

“We have given our people the right to dream about their children, the ability to feel citizens of this country,” she explains.

“We thank those who have been supporting us in our dream, from the society of Xanthi and all over Greece over the years. University professors, doctors, engineers, lawyers, students, active citizens of the society of Thrace, institutions with a great offer to the place that embraced us with self-denial and love. We also thank Thracian teachers, psychologists, social workers, professors and others who have been close to our children, alongside our school teachers who work with real self-denial, ” she points out.

«Rom nai kolai tou te aves . It is not easy to be Gipsy» she ends.

The European programs that SYRIZA supporters have “lost” for years did not help them unfortunately to learn the concept of interculturalism, so we will offer them for free to a link.

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