Mass Media and Prospects

Mass Media and Prospects

Television is a type of media that occupies an important part of viewers leisure time.

People with high educational level, have been observed to watch less TV than those who are less educated. This image is found in a reverse form when it comes to the use of newspapers as a means of information. Newspapers are most likely to be read by older and higher educated people. Regardless of the viewership, it seems that the majority of young people consider TV as an unreliable media because of “entanglement”.

The media are perceived as a means of service to interests, driven by larger forces that disorient and divide public with distorted news and “trash TV”.

Media should inform and awaken citizens to reality instead of maintaining the ignorance and sciolism. They should be uncoloured, released from political and economic interests, with only one objective: to project news directly to the public without treatments and concealment.

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