Youth in action

Youth in action

Young people that experience the reality of today, are invited to take the reins and reform a new world; a better world both for themselves and for future generations. They live in doubt, stress, lack of trust and communication. According to surveys, the degree of hopelessness reaches 4.3 on a scale of 10. They face unemployment, accuracy, poverty, drugs, corruption, alienation and more!

In the face of unemployment and the problems outlined above, it is important to find outlets for young people. The main recourse of the “nervous” generation, as characterized, seems to be the “sanctuary” of family in which young people find the financial and emotional support they need.

At the founding of TILN in Copenhagen 2012 GMF

Friendship, love and entertainment are some of the outlets of young people; areas of an emotional nature that are opposite to their economical and professional problems. The conflict between obligations and desires, challenges and opportunities, deadlocks and vents, characterizes the experience of the new generation. Despite the disappointment, the indignation and fear for the future, young people set goals and strive for their dreams, chasing knowledge through participation, information and volunteering.

Do you belong to these people? Do you have vision and dreams that you wish to materialize? If so, you will surely find some of the actions of the EU program “Youth in Action” interesting.

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