Environment and Energy

Environment and Energy

It is scientifically proven that climate change has been caused by human activities and their effects on the planet are expected to be disastrous. Ecosystem degradation, water scarcity, temperature rise, heatwaves, fires, floods, unhealthy atmosphere, pollutants, public health risk, reduced tourism and eventually economic downturn.

To prevent this scenario, we need to change the way we produce, consume and perceive energy. We need to implement a new energy resource management plan. And we owe it to our children above all. At national level, tackling climate change must be one of the key priorities of the ruling.

Required: Updating the existing development model by combining the protection of ecosystems with the use of new technological. Turning  to a low-carbon or zero carbon green economy using state-of-the-art technology. Horizontal co-ordination of all relevant actors involved towards mitigation and adaptation policies in the fields of energy, industry, agricultural production and many others.  Intensive control of the purity of the marine regions and all water resources in the country. Raising awareness and educating citizens on the impact of climate change on the natural environment as well as on preventive maritime protection and forest protection. New modern forest protection model with computerization and continuous monitoring of forest maps. Promoting eco-tourism in Greece.

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