Public health

Public health

Public health is the highest good of modern societies and catalyst for development. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the state to protect the health of its citizens without discrimination. In the health sector cuts do not fit. We can provide high quality medical services to Greek citizens, despite the difficult economic climate.

Although, our country has the most paid for Health Care System in Europe, is unable to offer equivalent services to Greek citizens. Unequal distribution of hospitals, medical, nursing and auxiliary staff between the center and the periphery, lack of units and intensive care beds for adults and children, third-world treatment conditions, waste, mismanagement of resources and overall discomfort of patients and staff. This is the scene the citizens have to face on a daily basis. An integrated set of measures is needed, in order to reform the National Healthcare System by putting the citizen at the center of it.

Modernization – Volunteering – Solidarity

  • Hospitals accessible to everyone – public hospitals while any partnership with private entities should be subject to a strict regulatory framework,
  • Modernization of health systems –modern equipment – machinery automated system – medical health record for the entire population – electronic health card,
  • Decent wages for workers (medical, paramedical and nursing staff)
  • Combating corruption in hospitals – sachets,
  • Employee rating – removal of perjury,
  • Merit-based selection of the Hospital Governors – not special favor based recruitment,
  • Strengthening the functioning of primary care – municipal clinics – decongestion of major hospitals,
  • Institution of family doctors with free choice,
  • Ensure foreign uninsured citizens – non discriminatory care
  • Awareness of citizens about organ donation,
  • Rationalisation of health spending,
  • Establishment of Urban Health Centres in cities and parallel strengthening of existing health centers of the region for immediate and rapid patient service and decongesting hospitals,
  • Establishment of Mobile Health Units for seasonal needs and for isolated areas,
  • Cooperation of Health and Education Ministries for joint action in areas such as addressing addiction phenomena substances, diet and exercise for young people, sexual education and protection from sexually transmitted diseases.

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