Education is one of the main policy pillars of any modern advanced state and possibly, the only guaranteed investment for the future of Greece. My goal is to make Greece an international center of education, research and innovation.

I have envisioned an educational system which will provide students and adults with the appropriate knowledge and skills; while at the same time will develop their creativity. In the era we live in, lifelong learning plays an extremely important role, but attention should be also given to the principles of democratic consciousness, solidarity, consistency, accountability and inclusivity. The role of the educational system is crucial at this time. Each student is a citizen who needs security, care and a favorable environment to their intellectual, emotional, physical and social maturation.

Journalism seminar for children from the Lycee Franco-Hellenique Eugene Delacroix

The state should provide teachers with the tools that will help them make the most out of students’ potential and promote the fruitful exchange of ideas. To achieve this objective the teacher should act as a “mentor” in order to cultivate the natural curiosity of young people for learning as well as inculcate them with the meaning of respect.

Fundamentals of the educational system:

  • Investing in people – utilization of talent, interests and knowledge of the new generation.
  • Investing in new technologies – fast access to information.
  • Modernization of the educational infrastructure.
  • Respect for diversity – equality regardless of gender, religion or social origin.
  • Europeanization of the educational system.
  • Release from bureaucracy – acceleration procedures for schools in the country.
  • Beating the phenomena of violence in school areas (bullying).
  • Programs practical exercise – not sterile but memorizing concepts and deepen understanding of their practical application.
  • Stop chasing grades – promoting sportsmanship.
  • Disconnect national exams to entering higher education institutions.
  • Support for disabled children – care for themselves and their families.
  • Intercultural education and smooth integration of children from different cultural backgrounds (repatriates, Muslims, Roma, foreigners), education and life.
  • Strengthening the salary of teachers for the higher education institutions of the country.
  • Independent and self-governing higher education institutions with state funding and transparency in economics.
  • Extraversion Greek universities and technological institutes.
  • Assessment universities to international standards.
  • Incentives for attracting private investigations.
  • Focus on innovation.
  • Internet Toolkits

With children from immigrant communities and the dance teacher Vasillo Ioannou


I believe that education should subject to governmental control so that every child is guaranteed the opportunity, without any discrimination, to acquire knowledge that will help to realize his dreams.

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