70 years ago UNICEF was established (December 11, 1946) to help children destroyed by World War II.

From 1949 to the end of the 1960′ s, UNICEF helped and supported children in Greece by offering medicines, educational materials, pasteurized milk, etc.

Today, with children in Greece of the crisis, UNICEF continues to support and protect the rights of children in our country.


The Map of the Rights of the Child states:

* I am entitled to come to life. I am entitled to exist.

* I am entitled to grow up in a world without violence and poverty.

* I am entitled to live in a world that respects and protects the natural environment.

* I am entitled to have free access to the magical world of knowledge.

* I am entitled to have free time and space to play.

* I am entitled to know what is good for my physical and mental health.

* I am entitled to spend enough time with my parents.

* I am entitled to live innocent and careless childhood.

* I am entitled to live in a society that protects my personal data.

* I am entitled to enjoy a world of humanity, justice and peacefulness. A world in which my own children will grow up tomorrow.

Children have the right to know their rights! Adults need to be aware about these rights and also help children learn about them.

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