For the future of our country and our kids

For the future of our country and our kids, vote responsibly, the future belongs to all Greek citizens.

The truths about terrorism in Greece

Terrorism has no borders, and it certainly is not treated with … state terrorism.

11 truths about the Migration situation in Greece

Immigration, Citizenship, Hospitality, Migration Management, Acceptance, Integration, Turkey’s role, The mosque of Athens, Europe’s help.
11 truths about the Migration situation in Greece.
Find all the answers on the following video.

My Campaign for Organized Crime

Human trafficking, prostitution, illegal immigration, arms trade, drugs, smuggling of fuel … are some of the activities of organized crime in Greece. How ready are we finally to deal with it?

Campaign for participation in the next European elections 26/05/2019

We all support our home through our participation in the next European elections!!

Europe is our large home, and that is why we have to support it!

It is our family that may hurt us, but we always return to the common principles and values, the common vision, faith and culture.

United Europe is strong both for businesses and for citizens.

We are part of Europe, and we have to give our present for our voice to be heard and defend our interests.

We are determined for a “new era” of cooperation with Europe. Multilateral solutions remain the best way to tackle threats to international peace and security.

In this Europe, we say ‘no’ to inaction and defend our freedom.

We are part of Europe and we will improve our position on it.

We believe in Europe and the strengthening of the European Union!

We all support our home through our participation in the next European elections!!

The great participation in the European elections is the answer in order for Europe to regain its common values, such as democracy, justice and equality, especially necessary now that fascism is raising its head.

Campaign For Migration

hope continues to exist ….

Our Greece, …. is an entry gate for 70% of refugees and migrants from Asia and Africa …. to the Member States of the European Union …. and especially those in the north.

Fight For Rights We must #Fight for #humanity #Rights ..

Α thought of mine, has led to the implementation of Fight 4 Rights. It is a free and available app in the Google Store and Apple store that lets anyone report a case of discrimination or file a complaint online & in real time if possible. The data will be subjected to a security check categorized as appropriate, event type, and distributed on a digital map. The processed data will be distributed to local authorities and interested parties, to activate specific targeted actions. Annual reviews and promotions include site and social media accounts, distribution to press agencies and local authorities for further dissemination. The program allows the incorporation of widespread user-friendly technologies, real-time posting, geographic tagging incidents, promoting civic participation, targeting peak problem areas, allowing of statistical processing and further analysis of causes, flexibility to report various types of incidents any minority member or member of a vulnerable group.

The project strongly strengthens the social inclusion of vulnerable groups in society.

Xenophobil, is a "drug" that alleviates the symptoms of xenophobia and cure patients.

At my initiative, and through the Young Leadership “The Exelixis” Institute and under the auspices of the Athens Medical Association a series of eventswere held, with the support of the “EEA Grants” and Norwegian Embassy, with the title “Now diversity has more sweet taste…”, in the framework of the Institute’s actions, on the occasion of its two-month campaign against xenophobia and racism. The main objective of the campaign was to defend the right to diversity and the value of peaceful coexistence. This effort is sealed by the promotion to the public of Xenophobil, a “drug” that alleviates the symptoms of xenophobia and cures patients, as well as a campaign to the square in Monastiraki.

Campaigns For Migration

Campaign for the cleaning and elevation of the monument KONONIA WALLS in the area of Piraeus

September 19th, 2010

Participation of the Union of Immigrants of Greece in the SKAI campaign for the cleaning and the elevation of the monument KONONIA WALLS in the area of Piraeus.

Ιnformation campaign on the H1N1 virus

During an information campaign on the H1N1 virus, in many languages, in the center of Athens, as part of a pandemic influenza campaign in the summer of 2009.