Turkey: A blackmailing state with perfect diplomacy

Turkey: A blackmailing state with perfect diplomacy

Turkey’s diplomacy over the years has been based on provocation to Western countries.

Relations with Qatar

Qatar’s relationship with Turkey was strengthened during the financial embargo by the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Turkey then took advantage of the situation to close a supply deal for the Qatar market in exchange for a military base, and then Qatar boosted Turkey’s economy with petrodollars as the West  had declared a financial war. All of the above happened during the US-Turkey crisis.

Relations with Russia

To draw the West’s attention, Turkey is turning its diplomacy and defense towards Russia by purchasing equipment, the S400, and by training the Turks in nuclear technology to build a nuclear power plant.

Relations with Israel, Pakistan and India

Turkey knows its relationship with Israel has come to an end after Benjamin Netanyahu’s re-election. So it turned its attention to Islamic states where there was a common enemy Israel. It also strengthened its cooperation with India, which paved the way for Turkey to get in return for Pakistan’s defense plans. For its part, Pakistan, as a nuclear country, will also assist Turkey in its plant and defense industry. I would also like to point out the role played by Turkey in the tension that existed between Qatar and Pakistan. Qatar had closed its airspace to Pakistan. However, Turkey mediated and the matter was resolved.

Turkey’s relations with all the abovementioned  countries have given it defense cooperation and religious allies.

The role of Commander in Chief Haftar and the disputed agreement with Libya

And so diplomacy found that Commander in Chief Haftar, who controls most of Libya, has no Western allies – other than France – that could help his government fight the supply of arms by Turkey to Tripoli, which is internationally recognized.

As for Greece’s relations with Haftar, I should point out the following:

1. In his Military Staff there area graduates from Greek military schools, and  he is also a graduate of a Greek military school.

2. It should be noted that the General has prevented illegal immigration.

3. He fought and annihilated ISIS from the territories that are  under his control.

The Greek authorities were aware of all Turkey’s moves under Tripoli’s regime. But they have not decided to join public relations with the general because most countries in the world have recognized Tripoli’s status.

As a result, Turkey will make this mammoth deal that have been discussed during last week. And the Libyan parliament will reject it. So it seemed that Greece’s immediate reaction worked.

The Prime Minister brings everyone to Europe and NATO to take their responsibilities and stands up against the provocation of neighbors. Turkey is trying to debate Greece about the EEZ, a move that Greek diplomacy must prevent.

Jean-Daniel Colombani


The right to vote

The right to vote

Democracy is about the right of all citizens to vote, at home and abroad, equally. And it is time we exercise our democratic right by passing new laws finally allowing the diaspora to vote as well.