Greeting at the Cultural Association of Greece – Pakistan

Dear guests,

Ladies and gentlemen,

On behalf of the Minister of Health and Social Solidarity of the Hellenic Republic, it is a great pleasure to attend this important initiative of the Greek-Pakistan Association in Athens, which I had the pleasure to cooperate in the past.

The primary objective of the Health Minister is to ensure easy and effective access for immigrants, legal or not, to the health system, protecting public health.

He is not prepared, as he has already shown, to sacrifice the right of immigrants for care at the altar of the economic crisis that Greece is experiencing. Determined and always ready to fight for the common good, by taking care of the public high health good, he sees his refusal to cut the health sector by saying in the 16th European Health Forum Gastein: “There is no crisis, there is a new reality that we must face. We will never come back, so we should better reconcile with this idea. ”

Longing for work, ideas and a fist, he recalls that migrants, whether they have the necessary legal papers or not, remain people who need respect and equal treatment by the doctors who have given the Hippocratic Oath.

With respect to human beings and the need for dignified living, a conference on Migration Health, under the aegis of the Ministry of Health and the International Organization for Migration, and the support of the National Health Management Center, is being planned in support of health and its supply throughout the world.

Finally, I would like to confirm that support and assistance come effortlessly in difficult but pleasant moments. It is our pleasure and honor to invite you to such beautiful and pioneering events, where we have the opportunity to tighten relationships.

I wish good evening.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Speech at the FIGHT 4 RIGHTS launch event of the EXELIXIS INSTITUTE

Good afternoon,

Mr. Minister,

Dear Members οf Parliament,

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Immigrant Unions and public bodies,

Ensembles, Scientists, Teachers,

It is a great pleasure for my colleagues, friends and I personally to welcome you today where one of my dreams of 2012 followed by Xenophobil became a reality thanks to  YAVA FITNESS CENTERS which I have the honor of managing over the past 6 months as it financed the project fight 4 rights.

The EXELIXIS Institute, is a non-profit organization,  which operates at various levels with significant action in the field of immigrants, who are in our country and whose main objective is the education of young immigrants in cultural, historical, religious, social and political conditions in order to act as multipliers in their communities and to play a leading role in the future, with sufficient knowledge and experience of the increasingly multicultural reality in which they are invited to live, act and contribute fruitfully and constructively to the benefit of all, always respecting the host country.

In this context, we organized today’s Workshop entitled “Fighting exclusion through technology” to inform, to reflect, to raise awareness and ultimately to act as much as possible on issues of exclusion and diversity, on the problems that arise from it and to highlight the positive that this innovative fight4rights application can offer Greece and Europe statistically and in cooperation with authorities, police, justice and local government to get informed about a cases, their shape but also to sensitize the local community with workshops and related activities.

More specifically, the purpose of the Seminar is to explore the problems, the challenges, to gather from the social groups, each separately, about the problems they face and how useful this application is in their lives.

Thank you very much for your participation, which gives us the courage to continue our efforts despite all the difficulties we face every day.

Speech at the 1st Panhellenic Conference “Crisis Management in the Health Sector”

Migration Health: Legislative Framework and Action

Leaders of professional associations and public bodies, military officers, scientists, teachers, doctors, nurses,

I would like to thank the leadership of the Ministry of Health and congratulate the leaders who helped organize this very important conference in Greece of the crisis, and especially the Minister of Health Mr. Adonis Georgiades and the EKEPY Commander (Mr. Panos Efstathiou).

The health sector is characterized, on the one hand, by its significant prospects for growth, innovation and demonstration of dynamism and, on the other hand, by the challenges it faces in terms of the economic and social sustainability and efficiency of health care systems, due to the aging populations and of the progress made by medicine.

The sure thing is that our time is a period of inevitable movement of people to foreign countries, especially in the European Union, to find work and seek better living conditions.

The purpose of the work is the examination and presentation of the current situation regarding the health of immigrants. What are the needs for care? Are they satisfied? What problems do they encounter if they find solutions or are driven to quakes?  Are their rights to access to health protected by legislation? Within this framework, 6 thematic units are examined:

  • Equal access for immigrants to health services, which, in order to be thoroughly examined and presented without any loopholes, is dealt with by separate sections referring to the current legal framework, the right to health under the Constitution and the right to health under international law.
  • Protection of public health
  • Problems when entering the country
  • Hospitality and detention centers for Immigrants
  • Specific Issues, where this unit focuses on the rights of care for more vulnerable groups, such as women and children.
  • Deportation of Immigrants

Thank you very much for attending.