My Speech at the Hellenic-American Union

First event of the Hellenic U.S. Alumni Association under the title “The refugee crisis: A multi-factor issue”

More than 70 people attended the 1st event of the Hellenic U.S. Alumni Association under the title “The refugee crisis: A multi-factor issue“ on Friday April 15 at ALBA Graduate Business School.

Four speakers Mr. Alexandros Zavos (President of the Hellenic Migration Policy Institute), Mr. Jean-Daniel Colombani (General Manager of WIN GROUP), Mr. Asef Farjam (Intercultural Mediator, NGO Doctors of the World) and Mr. George Koumoutsakos (Member of Greek Parliament, ex-Member of European Parliament and New Democracy spokesman) – all of them past participants of the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) – discussed the current status of the refugee/migration crisis, its implications for Europe at a political and economic level, and the various effects the crisis has had, especially for people of Greece. The discussion was moderated by Konstantina Botsiou, Associate Professor of Modern History and International Politics at the University of the Peloponnese.

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“TAHIDROMOS”  Magazine

I consider the most important event of the decade the economic crisis with its political, moral and social consequences. But its causes are deep, multi-level and began at the beginning of the last decade, with the greatly undisguised invasion of the US and the Great Powers in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and the equally dangerous invasion of Georgia in Ossetia and Israel in the Gaza Strip. All this, combined with the corruption and waste of public money in the US, Africa and the European Union, has led us to the present situation. The economic crisis has created insecurity for every citizen and has led them to reduce their costs as well as a significant deterioration in the standard of living. On this development, large corporations have cut their production, causing workers to be dismissed, and unemployment rates rising. I hope that in the next decade there will be no loans and no support for the citizens by the banks.  Mostly, however, I wish the citizens, people find the mental courage to stand again on their feet without suicide, domestic violence and other modern scourges worse than financials.