Like every year, this year, on the 2nd of April, the birthday of the great Danish narrator, Hans Christian Andersen (April 2, 1805), is celebrated the World Children’s Book Day.

The Greek Children’s Book Circle, which is the Greek section of IBBY, collaborates with the National Book Center and with the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs in order to share the message of the Organization in schools and libraries. According to this year’s Ministry’s announcement, “this annual celebration stimulates the interest of children and young people in the book with various events (children’s book exhibitions, student meetings with writers and illustrators, theatrical performances etc .) ”

This year’s poster comes from Lithuania, and this is the message that accompanies it:




In 1895, the father of radio, Guglielmo Marconi, managed to transmit Morse sound signals through airwaves, implementing the theoretical possibilities of radio broadcasting.

The first broadcast of music and speech took place on Christmas Eve in 1906 by American Broadcasting Champion Reginald Aubrey Fessenden, an American natural and electrical engineer who was born in Canada.

Today, the radio is still on the preferences of millions of people on the planet who want to hear first of all news, music, history and broadcasts that inform, entertain and keep company at any time of the day and anywhere.

The seasons may have changed, but the radio will always have its magic.

Like last year, Fake news and their reproduction became more!! Victims, people with cost of their health and psychological burden!! Method of mafia and junta!!  I’m afraid that democracy is limited to a circle of people with power and money!! And conspiracy theories are strengthened!! Those who deal with the public, let’s build a better tomorrow with transparent and objective journalism.



December 18 was proclaimed by the United Nations as a World Immigrant Day, in an effort to strengthen the UN campaign to protect the world’s migrant.

Migration management for the benefit of all is one of the most important challenges of our time.

We are all responsible for offering safer and legitimate choices to migrants and refugees seeking to come to Europe, to create meeting places and opportunities for understanding the cultural wealth they bring.

Today, as we honour their contribution, let us decide to preserve the human rights of every man, woman and child who cross the border in search of a better life.

The latest terrorist acts and crimes committed by nationals of different countries in Europe by migrants and refugees have nothing to do with religion or descent. They are directly related to the education of those people who exploit human rights and the non-existent immigration policy as well as the failure of their integration into European society!! It is a global phenomenon that will not end!!



70 years ago UNICEF was established (December 11, 1946) to help children destroyed by World War II.

From 1949 to the end of the 1960′ s, UNICEF helped and supported children in Greece by offering medicines, educational materials, pasteurized milk, etc.

Today, with children in Greece of the crisis, UNICEF continues to support and protect the rights of children in our country.


The Map of the Rights of the Child states:

* I am entitled to come to life. I am entitled to exist.

* I am entitled to grow up in a world without violence and poverty.

* I am entitled to live in a world that respects and protects the natural environment.

* I am entitled to have free access to the magical world of knowledge.

* I am entitled to have free time and space to play.

* I am entitled to know what is good for my physical and mental health.

* I am entitled to spend enough time with my parents.

* I am entitled to live innocent and careless childhood.

* I am entitled to live in a society that protects my personal data.

* I am entitled to enjoy a world of humanity, justice and peacefulness. A world in which my own children will grow up tomorrow.

Children have the right to know their rights! Adults need to be aware about these rights and also help children learn about them.

International Amnesty Day

International Amnesty Day

All people are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience, and must behave with one another in a spirit of brotherhood. -Article 1 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Although it is vital rights for the functioning of democratic societies, it is a tragic irony that if a large number of people are asked to enumerate their rights, they will only respond to freedom of speech and religious beliefs and maybe two more. However, the range of human rights is much greater and includes choices and opportunities such as the freedom to get a job, to pursue a career, to choose a partner, to work and to have a fair, non-threatening, ill-treated and arbitrary redundancy; right of free time, unimpeded movement etc.

At a time when human rights are being circumvented day after day, it is imperative that each of us contribute as much as possible to the dissemination and development of a different culture that seeks to respect the diversity of each individual. Every person must be treated equally with everyone else.

Human rights are reduced when all rights are threatened!! This is why the new EU Directive #GDPR, as well as other regulations, can be facilitated by legislation or community, or national works of order and justice!! Violators and people who do not believe in these principles take advantage of the rights of the whole.

A European intelligence school led by Greece and Cyprus?

A European intelligence school led by Greece and Cyprus?

On November 19, the EU’s foreign and defense ministers approved the project of a joint intelligence training school (Joint EU Intelligence School – JEIS), led by Greece with the participation of Cyprus.

This project is part of a list of 17 joint projectssigned within the PESCO framework[1]. PESCO (permanent structured cooperation) was launched in December 2017 by the EU Global Strategy for Foreign and Security Policy (EUGS), whose purpose is to broaden and deepen defence cooperation between EU countries, on air, land and sea. It has been signed by all EU states except Denmark, Malta and the United Kingdom. Read More



The human spirit is an ability, perseverance and courage that can not steal any disabilities away. …
“My advice to people with disabilities would be to focus on the things their disability does not prevent them from doing well and not regretting the things they are doing.
Disability is a matter of perception.